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Hi, my name is Ricard Sunding and Im a photographer who takes pics of what I like and try to recreate the feeling I had when having the experience. My main perversion is nature and all the shapes in which it manifests.

Im born, raised and living in Bors, Sweden an average sized town (100 000 citizens) surrounded by forests and lakes so my motives are always close. Im pretty new to photography and try to pick it up as I go along. I first started with photography in the late 90s with a borrowed Praktica LTL3 which I still got in my drawer (sorry Kenneth if you read this please contact me). But after a year or two life took me in another direction for a couple of years and I kind of forgot about it til 2002 when I bought my first digital camera to use with iridology. The camera, a Nikon 4500 did what it was supposed to do but not much more so 2006 I got my first DSLR. A Nikon D80 with a kitzoom 18-135mm which I still use as a backup apart from that the lens had to make room for some prime oldiesgoldies. Since January 2011 I now use my new DSLR a Nikon D300s as my base and the D80 as a backup.

I try to keep my camerabag small as I know myself to be pretty darn lazy so most of it will probably stay at home anyway. Presently I got my D300s, D80, two AI 50mm lenses (f1,8 and f2,0) and an AI 400/5,6 tele  and a Tamron sd 90/2,8 macro plus a Tamron AF SP180/3,5 Di LD (IF) Macro that currently are my favourite. When I first started I had my 400mm tele lens mounted most of the time but the "trend" has developed to focusing on the small stuff from a macro and micro perspective. Most of my lenses are manual which is a conscious choice Ive made as a big part of photography for me personally is the feeling I get from working manually. Have I missed any pics due to it...heck yes ..tons of em but on the other hand Ive missed quiet a few due to using AF as well.

And to be honest Im as lousy photographer as I am a birdwhatcher. Not too rarely have I gone "OOOOHH" pointing at a bird with my camera resting in my lap, and probably not noticed even rarer birds due to contemplating my navel laying on my back in the grass. But I wouldnt want to have it any other way so who cares.